Exence: furniture with designs inspired by the Four Elements
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Exence: furniture with designs inspired by the Four Elements

Exence: furniture with designs inspired by the Four Elements
By Redazione The Plan -
Epoque by Egon Furstenberg has participated in the project

Through the Made in Italy label, synonymous with quality and tradition, Italian craftspeople have earned themselves an international reputation for their passion and creativity. For over forty years, Bari-based firm Epoque & Co. has been creating furniture that stands out for these same qualities.

Renowned haute couture designer Prince Egon von Fürstenberg worked to bring his unmistakable design ideas to furniture, creating luxury pieces that reflect the best of Italian Style. Twenty-five years ago, his vision led to the creation of Epoque by Egon Furstenberg, a collaboration between the fashion house named after the prince and Epoque & Co.


This merging of different cultures – reflected by painstaking traditional local craftsmanship, on the one hand, and a dynamic, international approach to haute couture, on the other – was the driving force behind the sophisticated furniture elements in the luxurious Home collection. The exacting design work by Epoque & Co. combined with the fashion house’s unmistakable style have translated into this range of stylish classics revisited through modern eyes.

The Four Elements of nature were the inspiration for the latest innovative expression of Epoque by Egon Furstenberg’s design philosophy: Exence. The collection has a very innovative style with modern, clean, elegant lines.

Earth, the first element, is the star of the show, along with some of the precious materials it provides, such as marble, steel, precious stones, and crystals. And then the different materials and textures used to make the sofas, beds, and other pieces in the line center on earthy shades, such as sand, ecru, and grays. Everything comes together in finely crafted products, some of which feature laser-etched accents.

The other elements of nature are also reflected in the tones and materials of Exence. Water fills spaces with vigorous blues, while Air, which can take on different hues according to the season, is reflected in the fabrics. The collection also features lighting designs, created in steel and brass that have been hand-forged and hand-worked by master Italian craftspeople with Fire.

Browse Epoque by Egon Furstenberg’s Exence Collection here

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