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Evo 2/E by Mirage

Evo 2/E by Mirage
By Editorial Staff -
Mirage was the first ceramics company to focus on a product that ensures top performance even for outdoor surfaces: frost, impact, and thermal shock resistant, anti-­?slip, unchanging over time, fire proof, and monolithic.
The collection has been enriched with the new size 60x120 cm, opening new horizons for outdoor applications in gardens, urban settings, swimming pools, solariums, spas and even technical applications in ventilated façades using Walltech fastening.
The wide range of accessories includes swimming pool borders, flowerbeds edgings, and drain pipes with grates for water runoff. Suitable for both public and private settings, the EVO2/E special trims are 20 mm thick and designed to give a sense of surface continuity between indoor and outdoor living areas, developing coordinated architectural solutions. In addition to being dry-­?laid on gravel and sand substrates, the system also can be installed on an raised structure with adjustable or self-­?levelling fixed supports, which allow the floor to be raised up to 100 mm in height. The raised solution, suitable for flat applications, makes it possible to inspect eventual items that may need to be accommodated underneath such as electrical wiring and plumbing.Removable, reusable and weighing only 17 kg per slab, EVO 2/E places a lighter load on balconies and floors than traditional products thanks to a weight of just 47.00 kg / m².

9 colours:
Cremo Delicato, Pietra Piasentina, Lagos Grey, Crema Luna, Lab Mou, Lab Fog, Chambrod, Pierre Bleue, Pierre Bleue Sablée

60x60 e 60x120 (NEW)


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