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Eurodekor: Not just wood

Eurodekor: Not just wood
By Editorial Staff -
Egger has participated in the project

Metropolis is the new Ivas ine of decorative finishes created to bring the colour and feel of urban outdoor surfaces and materials right into the home.
Using special application techniques and combining the same basic product (Metropolis Fondo) with a range of finishes(Heavy Metal, Perlato, Soul Cement, Velatura for Metropolis), one can sample the various textural effects of Metropolis. Their names, and inspiration, come from the most charming metropolitan atmospheres.
The animating spark behind the Metropolis project was Soul Cement, created in 2004. Its clean spare look of washed concrete was a great success. This prompted further research and out of it came the twelve effects that now make up the collection (though it is bound to go on growing).
The Manhattan effect is all elegance and light, Harlem has warm tones, Brooklyn and Berlin go in for the metallic surface, while Istanbul picks up the gold and silver of Byzantine architecture.
Where Metropolis is at its richest and strongest is in the colour and texture combinations. The wall takes on a 3-D ‘lived-in’ effect as colour overlays colour and decorative textures blend.
The Metropolis effects can also be learnt on the Decoratives & More course held at MASTER G, the training centre for professional interior decorators, Ivas being classified as DNV UNI EN ISO 9001/2000. The course takes two working days and covers application techniques in depth, touching on many typical artistic issues of decoration.


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