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Esterni A&DP - Living space outside

Esterni A&DP - Living space outside
By Editorial Staff -

In 2011, Esterni was created leveraging significant experience built up in the plant nursery sector. The company focuses on every stage in the process of transforming outdoor areas. Its philosophy is built around people and their personal needs, and it brings actual shape to its ideas through internal collaboration between the design side (agronomists, architects and engineers) and the practical team of carpenters, smiths and gardeners.
Esterni’s multi-disciplinary approach has been fundamental to it tackling large-scale projects. For example, it did the outdoor design for the Milan court, a truly urban project, and it has also worked on mitigating the environmental impact of major industrial plants, such as R&D Petronas. However, whatever the scale of the project, its goal is to harness the potential of the outdoor area, moving beyond it being a mere accessory to the built environment to seeing it as a genuine living area. The work done on a garden around a suburban house took the rather anonymous space and divided it into sections designed to complement the indoor areas. The addition of a specifically designed wood and steel structure provided new places for people to spend time.
The brise-soleil shading works with the plants to offer protection from the sun and form a lovely open-air kitchen and living space that is separated from the relaxation area complete with spa bath. The use of different materials, levels, furnishings and plants helps characterise the spaces and pathways, while the use of lighting makes these spaces usable at night and emphasises the scenic nature of the garden.


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