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Essenziale? - The doors and windows collection develops

Essenziale? - The doors and windows collection develops
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Aresi has participated in the project

In 2009, Falegnameria Aresi set out to find a solution for the specific architectural need to reduce the number of lines produced by doors and windows. The company’s answer was Essenziale, a range of visually simple windows that is excellent for strongly rational designs and projects built on purity of line. In 2011, Salaino 10 was built in Milan, using a design by Antonio Citterio Patricia Viel and Partners, and for this project, Essenziale 68 was adopted. These windows and doors, made with 68 mm thick oak, are characterised by the panel and frame being flush, without any visible structural elements. The desire to improve the soundproofing and thermal insulation of this line, along with the constant search for better ways to fix the frames to the walls, led to an increased width of 80 mm, the elimination of the glazing bead (by altering how the glass is mounted in the frame) and the reduction of the fillet radii between the stiles and the rails. Such windows were chosen for the Chesa Diana residence in St. Moritz, designed in 2012 by Giacomo Zamboni and Camilla Prini. For this building, large windows and doors with completely wooden frames were the order of the day, with connections between fixed and unfixed windows, and very thin stiles and rails.
Falegnameria Aresi realised the possibilities for the Essenziale line and set out to develop customised versions, with aluminium, bronze or glass cladding, and more “classical” options, with different glazing beads.
Recently, the company was involved in the construction of La Corte Verde di Corso Como, designed by Cino Zucchi Associati and completed in 2014. This time, Essenziale 80 was the chosen option, integrating the casing into the design such that it is completely over the frame. In addition to the Essenziale 80 windows, folding shutters were used that, like the windows, lie flush with the external façade. Falegnameria Aresi sees the demands of contemporary architecture, the desire to innovate and the openness to exchange as inspiration to constantly develop its products. In 2015, the company plans to launch a new, versatile range of customisable windows that will fit seamlessly into numerous design types. The key to this future project will be thinner profiles, but better performance.

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