Essenza window: Award-winning quality?
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Essenza window: Award-winning quality?

Essenza window: Award-winning quality?
By Editorial Staff -

The all-glass Essenza hinged window was awarded the Compasso d’Oro ADI 2014 award in the “ADI Design Index 2013 material and component design” category. The international jury chose to recognise Essenza with this prestigious award “for integrating, discreetly, the window into the architectural façade”. It represented formal recognition of the work the company put into the concept and manufacturing of this window, achieving a superb balance between performance and aesthetic quality. Essenza’s minimalist, crisp design highlights light and transparency, but is only possible because of the manufacturing process adopted. The oxidized aluminium profile with a thermal break is glued directly onto the glass and hidden by a double layer of silkscreen printing (in white, black or grey, with the option to customize it). The result is a smooth, flat surface, a window where the glass pane is the visual and tactile key. It is an architectural element that adds to any context, emphasising the relationship between inside and outside. All Essenza windows are triple glazed and available in a standard version or with sound proofing. The high performance windows guarantee interior comfort that complies with energy saving regulations. The mechanisms - hidden in the profile - ensure the doors function optimally for surface areas of up to 2.4 sq m and weights of up to 140 kg. The most recent versions of Essenza come with two new aspects: the first (available both for windows and doors) is the elimination of the handle plate, which is embedded in the glass to simplify cleaning and to add to the essential design; the second (for doors) is the option to mount a multipoint lock with internal and external handles and a connecting cylinder. There is also a version that locks only from the inside. All Essenza products - lift and slide, casement and fixed - combine technology and quality manufacturing where attention to detail, know-how and craftsmanship are fundamental ingredients. All the doors and windows are individually made and go through all the production steps, from design to testing, to guarantee the quality and uniqueness of the final result.

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