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Essenza - Sliding transparency

Essenza - Sliding transparency
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GSG International can trace its origins back to 1965 when it was founded as a craft producer of aluminium windows and doors. Over the years, it developed internationally and now offers a wide range of devices, mechanisms and special types of doors and windows. Quality, innovation and design are the cornerstones of GSG excellence and these come together in Essenza, a sliding door or window made with similar technology to that employed in glazed façades. The result is a minimal frame that is almost invisible to the eye. Essenza comes in both double (4+4/32/8T) and triple (4+4/12/6/14/8T) glazed versions in a range of styles. The locking and sliding mechanisms use an aluminium frame with an oxidised thermal break glued between two glass panes. This is then hidden using screen printing on the inner sides of the glass. The pane profiles and structural frames, with the thermal break, have special seals to make them highly waterproof and improve acoustic insulation (up to 40 dB). The thermal break helps minimise transversal heat loss, while a GSG-patented joint completely cuts out longitudinal heat transfer, delivering exceptional thermal performance (Uw=1,2 W/m2K.). Essenza’s resistance to air, water and wind is equivalent to a high-performance non-sliding door, with class C4 wind resistance, Class 4 air permeability and Class E 900 watertightness.


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