Essential Window and Door Frames that Fit with History and Nature
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Essential Window and Door Frames that Fit with History and Nature

Essential Window and Door Frames that Fit with History and Nature
By Editorial Staff -
Ottostumm | Mogs has participated in the project

Bronze and steel are two materials that, when worked with skill and the best Swiss technologies, can produce creations that blend exceptional technical performance with striking Italian-style design. The systems by Ottostumm | Mogs, characterized by an essential and contemporary style inspired by Bauhaus, are proof of this. Since 2008, Mogs has been offering designers and architects technical systems for façades, doors and windows, even oversized ones, that can be used both in new construction projects and in urban restoration and renovation works, as in the case of the renovation of Palazzo dei Diamanti in Ferrara and The Loma project in Milan, which saw a historic building turned into a contemporary residence. For such works, the architects – Labics and Roberto Battistello respectively – chose FerroFinestra W75 TB solutions, which proved to be extremely versatile because of their essential style. In fact, the W75 TB system – the latest option in the successful FerroFinestra family – retains the evocative esthetics of early 20th century iron window frames, but combined with today’s levels of energy performance and the ability to accommodate the latest generation of selective glass.

“House in the landscape”, casa privata, Metamorphosi104, Treviso © Marco Zanta Courtesy Mogs

The combination of such special features has made the product particularly popular in new construction projects as well, such as the countryside house by Metamorphosi104, where Ottostumm | Mogs systems are elegantly integrated into the pozzolana-coated fronts in a wet earthy hue. The company’s catalog is actually much broader and has recently been expanded to include, in addition to the established products already on the market, a new minimal steel sliding solution called Neutra Minimal Sliding, inspired by the lessons of modernists Richard Neutra and Le Corbusier. Here, minimal visible sections are combined with a fully recessed frame and huge openings with high-performance glazing to create a product that makes the landscape part of the design, with fluid and simple movement. Made of AISI 316L stainless steel – which can be burnished for a contemporary look – with thermal break, Neutra Minimal Sliding uses the combination of expansive glass and remarkably slender frames to produce a timeless esthetic in which “human action can be tuned to the order of nature”.

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