Essential - When door and wall become one
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Essential - When door and wall become one

Essential - When door and wall become one
By Redazione The Plan -
Scrigno has participated in the project
Essential is a range of sliding, hinged and dual doors designed by Scrigno using its “wall-door system”. This approach emphasises seamless integration between walls and doors by removing posts and edging trims, producing continuity and fluidity for a wall freed of encumbrances.
The sliding options - Essential Sliding - can be used with masonry and plasterboard walls. Since the plaster or plasterboard is applied directly to the aluminium profile bars, the whole area can be painted to obtain a uniform, attractive effect. Non-standard sizes (to the nearest cm) can be catered for in both single and double door options.
The hinged door options - Essential Swinging Doors - can also be used with masonry or plasterboard walls. Since the door panels can be painted, lacquered or even wallpapered, the overall effect is once again a door that blends in superbly with the surrounds. This style comes in two options: one with a gap between the frame and door (Essential Swinging Door) and one with no gap (Essential Swinging Door Zero). Both can be rectangular or in special trapezoidal shapes.
The final option - Essential Dual - is only for masonry walls. Two glass sliding doors in a single frame are linked by a sliding system, enabling them to disappear into the frame. The required wall thickness is 10.5 cm, with 1 cm glass doors. Standard and non-standard sizes (to the nearest cm) are available. Since Essential Dual is quite unique, it needs to be used with the related sliding door or the specific “hardware kit” created for it.

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