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Essential trial - Glass sliding door

Essential trial - Glass sliding door
By Editorial Staff -
Scrigno has participated in the project
Scrigno’s latest addition to its wall-door range is the Essential Trial sliding door frame, the combined evolution of Essential and Essential Dual. This innovative frame can hold three disappearing glass doors linked by a sliding system in a single metal box. Suitable for masonry or plasterboard walls, it opens up design options for unusually wide doors, while minimising the overall space needed for the frame. Door posts and edging trims are a thing of the past, allowing the door to become an integral part of the wall and exalting the see-through effect. Plaster or plasterboard is applied directly to the aluminium profile, creating the aesthetically appealing option of painting the frame as if it were part of the walls. Essential Trial is available in a single door version for masonry walls (140 mm thick) and for plasterboard walls (158 mm thick).

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