Essential Battente -?Perfect wall-door ?integration
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Essential Battente -?Perfect wall-door ?integration

Essential Battente -?Perfect wall-door ?integration
By Redazione The Plan -
Scrigno has participated in the project
Essential can be used with plasterboard or masonry walls, and comes in two versions: Essential Battente, with the small classic gap between door and frame, and Essential Battente Zero, the gapless version. Essential Battente comes in the traditional rectangular shape, but can also be made in special trapezoidal shapes that are ideal for lofts or cupboards under the stairs. Essential’s extensive colour palette gives enormous creative freedom, allowing rooms to be decorated using chromotherapy, choosing the most suitable colours and letting the hues alter the perceived size of a room. The doors can, if desired, be practically hidden in the hall, giving the room a larger, more uniform look. Alternatively, contrasting colours can be used to highlight the door, drawing attention to both the element and its symbolic value.

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