Energeto - Lightweight, high performance window and door frames
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Energeto - Lightweight, high performance window and door frames

Energeto - Lightweight, high performance window and door frames
By Editorial Staff -
Diquigiovanni has participated in the project

Diquigiovanni can trace it origins back to 1967, but these days the company specialises in PVC doors and windows that are renowned for their thermal and acoustic isolation as well as being durable, largely maintenance free and easy to install. Plus, the product range includes a wide array of colours and finishings. The combination of quality and flexibility is what enables Diquigiovanni’s products to cross the border between public or private civil construction and building for industry, tourism and commerce. In addition, the company offers customised solutions for individual projects.
Carefully selecting materials is one of the company’s cornerstones, with the focus on certified regenerated raw materials that can be used to produce high quality PVC doors and windows. Indeed, the company is a partner in KlimaHaus and its products must meet the standards for this certification.
It is in this paradigm that Energeto has been introduced onto the Italian market. This window uses German technology that requires no steel strengthening for the window frame or casing, as such parts have been replaced with Ultradur, a thermoplastic that performs well in mechanical high stress areas and reduces thermal bridging. Energeto is 60% lighter than a traditional frame and, with a depth of 70 mm, it guarantees heat transfer values that are 20% lower (Uf = 1,0 W/m²k). The thin nature of the Energeto profiles ensures optimisation of natural light, while providing levels of thermal and acoustic insulation that reach passive house standards.


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