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Emotion by Agrob Buchtal

Emotion by Agrob Buchtal
By Editorial Staff -
This distinctive multi-coloured type of rock has been quarried and processed there in the nearby Val (valley) Fontanabuona for centuries. Essential characteristics of this material are the archaic expressiveness and its versatility: depending on the processing, looks are obtained which are similar and yet different in detail - thus exactly those qualities which are in demand for conclusive overall concepts. This “stony” starting point was ceramically put into practice in a differentiated manner. The result is three surface variants: from the silky softness of cut stone slabs (slip resistance R9) to the fine-grained sandstone look (R10) up to the coarsely furrowed mountain rock (R11).

Realization and practical benefit
These floor tiles in three surface variants or three slip-resistance categories are available in four colours (light-beige, medium-grey, deep-anthracite, bronze), which effectively underline the natural look. Similar to mineral stone structures, the ceramic material is compacted in small pieces at high temperature and under great pressure. By the subsequent processing, ceramic surfaces with a distinctive, individual look are created. They arouse associations with grained leather, fine traces in the sand or the rough charm of weathered, deeply fissured rock. The format range is also varied and sophisticated: it extends from 30x30 to 30x60 and 60x60 up to the impressive dimensions of 45x90cm. Accents are set by the strip formats of 10x60 and 15x60 cm or the mosaics in the sizes of 2.5x2.5 and 10x10 m.
The floor tiles described before are complemented by wall tiles in matching colours (sand-white, light-beige, medium-grey) and dimensions (30x60 and 30x90 cm).
The two decoration elements are variations of the basic tile and accordingly orientate themselves to its subject. Shades is derived from the fine R9 surface and impressive because of subtle patinated colour changes intensifying the impression of oxidation and signs of wear. Rocks is based on a relief structure which is partially laid bare by slight subsequent grinding with diamond wheels and generates attractive matt-glossy effects in this way.
Thus, all these components together form a modular tile system with a high degree of design freedom. It permits the consistent realization of the synthesis of functionality and aesthetics described at the beginning on an elevated level.
This creative scope is even further enlarged by the fact that the new series Emotion corresponds with the proven series Plural Plus 3 both atmospherically and visually. The whole is more than the total of the parts: this congenial interplay offers a new quality of room concepts.

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