Embracing Invisible Sound
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Embracing Invisible Sound

Embracing Invisible Sound
By Redazione The Plan -
Videoworks has participated in the project

For well over 20 years, Videoworks, has provided turnkey solutions for home automation and audio/video entertainment systems in the architectural, hospitality and yachting industries. 

Videoworks on-site testing is essential to its ability to meet even the most demanding sound requirements, where a listener feels literally embraced by the sound. 

The latest audio advance is the tiny SSP6™ Multiducer™ speaker from Revolution Acoustics, which can be installed on any surface to turn it into a genuine sound wall. 

SSP6™ Multiducer™ speakers are compact, but powerful and can be installed in about 3 minutes. They can be used with any material - glass, wood, marble, steel and so on - to create high performance acoustic surfaces. 

As part of the drive towards ever better results, Leaff Engineering has created a DSP board exclusively for Videoworks with a Percept algorithm for “digital environment correction” that was researched jointly with the Marche Polytechnic in central Italy. This circuit equalizes sound according to the setting and the material on which the speakers are installed, leading to improved sound and consistent results that can be repeated time and again. 

Percept’s ability to perform “digital environmental correction” is based on its process to identify and class the sound and then use this information to make decisions, cutting factors that can influence perceived sound quality as much as possible, namely internal materials, large reflecting surfaces, resonance and asymmetry.             

Installing SSP6™ Multiducer™ speakers results in optimal sound quality results, with a reduction in waiting time, installation costs and space requirements. The speakers and cables are also hidden from the view of the end user.



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