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Metal Covering with Concealed Fastening


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For over 70 years, the Fabris group has been working on site at civil and industrial building upgrades, gaining a wealth of experience that it has leveraged to create Elysium, a metal covering system for façades and roofs that combines the esthetic impact of double seaming with exceptional versatility and ease of installation.

The basic module is a shaped sheet of metal that is entirely recyclable and can be taken down in the future, given the importance of considering a building’s entire life cycle. The metal sheet has a profile that has been specifically designed so it can snap and lock into place, providing a simple, rapid solution that is hermetically sealed.

The micro-rib is partly designed to facilitate attaching other accessories, such as various types of technology, certified fall-protection systems (lifelines) or snow guards, without having to drill holes into the covering.

Elysium sheets are designed both for roofs with a pitch as low as 0.5% and for vertical façade cladding, which is looked after specifically by the dedicated Elysium Façade division.

The company has also modified an aeronautical industry process to create the option to customize the sheets with Elylight zenith skylights that are integrated directly into the metal sheet and are available in transparent and opaline versions. This option gives great freedom in where the skylights are positioned, making it possible to maximize the amount of natural light inside a building, without compromising the water-tightness of the roof, even where the pitch is minimal.

Elysium’s wide range of colors, textures, metals and pitches make it easy to integrate these sheets into many different architectural and building designs. For example, the various metal supports can come in any of the 20 options in the rich Elycolors chromatic palette (11 standard colors, 4 special and 5 high resistance). Six different metals are available, in three widths, without limitations on length.

A mobile profiling machine means Elysium sheets can also be used for particularly large surfaces. For long sheets, on-site profiling is a particularly good option as it takes out the normal limitations imposed by transportation. The same holds for complicated logistical projects, where production at height can resolve building-site layout issues.

All these aspects make the Elysium system exceptionally customizable, suitable for the most diverse types of buildings, whether they will be used for manufacturing, retail and other public or private functions. It is ideal for both new builds and renovations. Plus, the extensive experience gained by the technical office means it has built up a wealth of know-how that the company uses to identify the best solution to match the technical, time and building constraints and requirements.

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