Eikon - Four dimensions for luxury and technology
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Eikon - Four dimensions for luxury and technology

Eikon - Four dimensions for luxury and technology
By Editorial Staff -
Vimar’s four lines for the Eikon series combine cutting-edge technology with elegant designs that, in the latest versions, suit almost any setting. The designs, sizes, finishings and functions might differ, but these lines are all unified by optimal energy management, excellent traditional features and integration into the By-me home automation system. Eikon Tactil’s glass surfaces and touchscreen technology offer a clean design and an image of absolute lightness. The wafer-thin profile of Eikon Evo, with axial controls, projects just millimetres from the wall. It is an exceptionally versatile option, open to numerous combinations of materials, finishings and colours. Eikon Chrome is characterised by its shiny chrome frame and comes in Classic and Round versions, with various finishings and materials. Eikon Total Look also has Classic and Round versions, but here the buttons and switch plates and frames are perfect colour matches. Eikon is not merely design, but also advanced technology that forms part of the By-me home automation system. Intuition and simplicity are guaranteed in a merging of energy efficiency, optimal control and total safety. The touchscreens come in various sizes, allowing one to control all household functions. Thermostats and timers ensure the ideal temperature throughout the day and night. The light dimmers and controls make it possible to regulate the light to obtain just the right level and even to play with colour. Standard and axial soft-action switches combined with radio frequency or infrared technology control the different rooms. Burglar alarms, gas detectors and interlocked sockets help protect the house and its occupants.

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