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Eikon Evo - Going beyond luxury

Eikon Evo - Going beyond luxury
By Editorial Staff -
Vimar has participated in the project

Eikon Evo by Vimar is an aesthetic and technological evolution towards a new concept of luxury in electric fittings: beautiful shapes and elegant finish, in line with the latest trends of interior design. Eikon Evo frames highlight the quality of their materials and workmanship, while the control keys and buttons and the three colour variants are picked out by a chrome border. They come in 7 materials - anodised aluminium, ennobled aluminium, processed stone, solid wood, glass, natural leather, corian - carefully chosen and worked by traditional Italian craftsmanship where quality goes with broad freedom to mix and choose, and ranging across different styles so that the electric installations perfectly blend into the home taste.
Eikon Evo forms are designed to catch the eye, though in physical size they are unobtrusive, their ultra-thin profiles projecting only a matter of 8 millimetres. As well as traditional frames, Eikon Evo has refreshed its By-me domotic system with new devices, functions and control modes to make it more practical and user-friendly. The new 4.3” and 10” video touch screens monitor the whole indoor domotic system with simple graphics; they also handle the video-intercom, providing a perfect picture of what is happening outside the door. Advanced new functions read the temperature in real time and keep track of the home energy profile, continually recording an exact picture of the consumption at any one time or over a set period.
The multimedia video Touch with its ultra-flat screen offers visual quality, graphics that may be personalized with favourite photos, and recorded video-intercom calls. The interface with the web has new hardware enabling internet control by PC, smartphone and latest generation tablets like iPad and iPhone, as well as providing internet services like the weather forecast.


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