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Eikon Evo by Vimar

Eikon Evo by Vimar
By Editorial Staff -

The new Eikon Evo plates make room for precious materials and processes, enhance buttons and controls with a chromed frame which outlines the three colour variants: grey, white and next. Inspired by the latest living trends, Eikon Evo captures and enhances its essence in a unique and personal way, offering different ways of living and interpreting luxury even in an electric system.
Seven different styles for seven different materials, allowing you to freely choose who to be and how to look. And for truly universal elegance, four total looks in aluminium and crystal, to create an electric system in perfect harmony with the surrounding environment

Elegant geometries
Shapes that are designed to catch the eye, in sizes that are unobtrusive on the wall: Eikon Evo flaunts a sophisticated and well-defined image that embodies the aesthetic principles of Vimar. A cover plate that gives prominence to the premium materials and finishes.

Ultra-thin profile
An immaculate, light, minimalist silhouette that stands no more than 8 millimetres proud of the wall Viewed from the side, Eikon Evo is unobtrusive and delicately appealing, in line with the latest interior design trends.

Essential detail
True beauty is concealed behind the detail. Such as the chrome-plated Eikon Evo frame that surrounds buttons and controls with different proportions to underline the value of the finishes. A distinctive element, with refined glamour.

Effective vision
A new viewpoint on every room: wider, well-defined and bright. With Eikon Evo automation display screens, in different sizes and all flush with the frame, watching over the home becomes a spectacular experience.

Material excellence
Eikon Evo is the product of excellent research. Starting with the materials: precious aluminium alloys, Corian® technology and exclusive varieties of stone, crystal, wood and leather have been meticulously selected and worked according to the finest craft tradition. Italian tradition.

Made-to-measure energy
Tailored lighting points to offer total freedom of design: with Eikon Evo energy management takes on the form you desire. With no limits of space or functionality, and particular attention to aesthetics.

Eight different ways of being, living and interpreting luxury. The Eikon Evo styles are inspired by the latest living trends, embodying and enhancing them in a unique and personal way with original combinations of materials, colours and finishes. So you can freely choose a decor style to suit your personality.

Multimedia video touch
Spectacular, from all angles. Ultra-flat screen, high visual quality, graphics that can be personalised with favourite photos, and recording of video intercom calls. Web interfacing also introduces the possibility of online services and functions such as weather forecasts.

Video touch Full Flat 4.3”
A new way of looking at the home, both inside and outside. Featuring a wide screen with touch technology. In addition to monitoring all that is going on indoors, it acts as a video door entry system to ensure a warm welcome.

Touch screen Full Flat 4.3”
Well-defined, immediate and intelligent: the Eikon Evo home automation system controls all rooms and provides a detailed overview of the home's energy profile and climate. The touch screen records precise information about power usage at any given moment or over a set period, and displays the temperature in real time. For greater energy awareness.

Touch screen Full Flat 3 modules
The switch becomes “touch”, managing lighting, climate, comfort and energy savings from a single lighting point. Fitted with coloured look and feel icons - coordinated with those of the other touch devices - the 3 module Full Flat touch screen is the digital alternative to the automated switch: the only 3-module model on the market able to manage up to 18 different functions in a single room. Can be installed horizontally or vertically, ideal for bedside installation. A single action gives the user individual control over the various functions - lights, shutters, climate - as well as instant, intuitive access to preset scenarios.

Web Server
A new hardware device for monitoring the entire automation system via LAN and Wi-Fi network when you are at home, and via the Internet when you are away. All the functions can be managed remotely via computer, or using the latest generation smartphone and tablets such as iPad and iPhone. For communication that knows no boundaries.

The By-me system
Eikon Evo and the By-me home automation system take care of the home, improving and simplifying daily life. With various user-friendly functions that coordinate with each other: monitoring of all spaces, the extraordinary comfort provided by the speaker system, safety and security in the rooms, energy saving and great multimediality. By-me interfaces with mobile phones, smartphones and computers, moulding itself on the home and on the needs and wishes of everyone who lives in it.

Functional elegance
A perfect synergy between beauty and efficiency: this is also what Eikon Evo means. With over 200 functions to manage lighting, climate, sound and safety. Intelligent and silent technologies that can be controlled in an extremely simple way.

Surfaces that invite you to touch them, precise and imperceptible movements, mechanisms that are activated more by thought than by action. Soft-touch controls, electronic touch controls or infrared remote controls for managing all lights and automations.


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