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Effizienz Plus - Efficiency and energy savings


Edited By Redazione The Plan - 25 February 2014

Viessmann’s corporate philosophy has constant improvement of environmental measures and safeguarding of energy resources at its heart. Such thinking underlies not only its manufacturing, but also the corporate headquarters in Allendorf, Germany. The Effizienz Plus project has put in place, at the main office, the foundations for a larger workforce, healthy growth and increased international competitiveness, using available technologies to achieve Europe’s 2020 energy and climate targets (i.e. reduction of CO2 and energy consumption by 20%, increase in renewable energy sources to 20%) years ahead of schedule. In Allendorf, process and organisational restructuring, a manufacturing review, increased heat recovery, a more efficient heating and cooling system and building insulation were all instrumental in cutting the amount of energy required. The new heating system uses all existing technologies, from condensation to CHP. Fossil fuels have partially been replaced by renewables, especially biomass and biogas, solar power and heat pumps. A modern CHP unit produces electricity and heat. The electricity is used directly by the factory, while the recovered heat and that produced by the exhaust gas are used in the building’s heating system. The CHP unit is fuelled by solid biomass from the surrounding area and biogas produced using dry fermentation. Natural heat is captured using 8 heat pumps fed by 5 geothermal probes and the solar installation has 70 flat plate and evacuated tube collectors. Solar power is also used to produce electricity. The Allendorf premises has improved energy efficiency by 22% and replaced 18% of fossil energy with renewables, leading to a 40% drop in the consumption of electricity, diesel and gas and a third less CO2 emissions. This whole new system is also an integral part of the new Viessmann Academy, a training centre for company employees and heating professionals from across the world.

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