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Eclisse 40

Innovation and tradition in a door

Eclisse 40
By Editorial Staff -
Eclisse has participated in the project

Reaching beyond the conventional concept of the door as a merely functional element, designers Francesco Valentini and Lorenzo Ponzelli have developed an innovative product with the support of Eclisse.

Taking their cue from building practices of the past when openings in masonry walls were often splayed, the designers have developed a whole new take on the door: a splayed frame for the Eclisse 40 Door Collection. On one side, the 40° splayed frame is set into the wall, giving an interesting sense of depth; on the other, the frame remains discretely and elegantly flush with the wall. The result is a door with a distinctive presence, a sophisticated addition to the room’s décor, no longer just passage way between two environments. The Eclisse 40 turns an invisible fixture into a striking, aesthetically pleasing feature. Doors can have one or two panels, open either inwards or outwards, hinged on the right or the left. Frames are available in light or dark bronze, graphite or rough finished with a primer base. Models can be either ceiling height or lower, with or without a lintel, making for a door that blends seamlessly into the wall. Anodized aluminum was chosen for the frames for its great long-term durability and resistant to the elements, stains, scratches and general wear and tear.

Nothing has been left to chance in the Eclisse 40 Collection. Handles and panels have been designed not only to complement each other but also be the perfect fit for the design and materials of each model.


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