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Duravit No.1

A Minimalist but Complete Bathroom Collection

Duravit No.1
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Compact, simple, complete. These three words capture the essence of Duravit No.1, a collection for the bathroom with a full range of products including faucets, fittings, water closets, furniture and baths, all with an excellent price-quality ratio.

Although this is fundamentally an entry-level collection, the products can be mixed and matched to merge seamlessly into an array of settings, from private bathrooms to public restrooms, offering excellent technical and esthetic harmony.

 Courtesy Duravit

The entire range was designed around simplicity to ensure quick, easy installation. For example, the units are delivered assembled and adjusted, although there is also the option to purchase these separately from the ceramic items. The basin options include wash and hand-rinse basins, both with a solution for a console unit. The characteristic rectangular shape with narrow side edges produces a large internal basin area and a broader edge for the faucets. Despite this sense of space, the units are compact overall, ideal even for a small bathroom, with the option of adding a vanity or furniture unit for a more elaborate creation. Available in white matt and graphite matt, the furniture can be matched with mirrors and mirror cabinets, which in turn have LED lighting, an energy saving and long-life solution.

 Courtesy Duravit

For the water closets, the use of the Duravit Rimless® flushing system makes the units easy to clean, especially because of the highly effective flush mechanism. The minimalist lines are repeated in the baths, with a number of size options available. For example, the trapezoidal built-in bathtub made of sanitary acrylic comes in three sizes, with both a right and left corner version.

The baths can be integrated with two options: a whirlpool function for a relaxing spa bath; and a hand rail that, installed during manufacturing, makes it easier and safer to get in or out of the bath.

The final pieces in the Duravit No.1 collection are the universal faucets that strike a balance between design and durability. Duravit No.1 mixers can be provided with FreshStart (at first only cold water flows in the middle position) or MinusFlow (flow limitation), and they also fit on numerous other Duravit products.

The overall effect is minimalist, simultaneously creating a contemporary and timeless look.


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