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Domus for Restoration and Conservation

Domus for Restoration and Conservation
By Editorial Staff -
Fassa Bortolo has participated in the project

The fifth Domus International Prize for Restoration and Conservation, promoted by Fassa (owner of the Fassa Bortolo brand) and the Architecture Faculty at the University of Ferrara, saw 84 entrants from a range of countries. 

This time it included the Fassa Bortolo Special Prize, which was awarded to a project that was able “to use the Fassa Bortolo integrated system or one of the connected systems, while upholding the principles of conservation, sustainability and architectonic quality.” 

The winner was the project to restore and repair the Confraternity Church of Mercy in Turin by Carlo Luigi Ostorero from the Dedalo Architettura practice and Patrizia Bagliano. The goal was to revitalize the image and historical and architectural importance of the various sections of the church.  

The restoration work focused on the paintings and decorations in the domes and on the walls, the holy vessels and related decorative elements. The additions and infills in the tambour and the dome above the presbytery were removed, to create a structure more like the original design by Filippo Giovanni Battista Nicolis di Robilant.

Work was also done on the floor in the presbytery and hall, creating a new geothermal heating system. The foundations were reinforced and the marble balustrades on the side altars were restored as were the exterior sides of the actual church. Solutions from Fassa Bortolo’s “EX NOVO - Restoration” line were also adopted for the site, making it possible to repair the masonry walls and to re-plaster the vaults and roof. 


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