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DigiPrint by Duka

DigiPrint by Duka
By Editorial Staff -
Duka has participated in the project

Duka implement its production structure with a next-generation plant for the digital printing onto glass, with a very high quality and definite result. The purpose is to improve the personalization concept, beyond sizes and materials, but with colors and patterns, that are way more expressive.

The new project, called digiprint, will propose many patterns, ranging from graphic and decorative signs to natural elements, material structures and more.

The project foresees already three different categories:

DIGIHOME: glass panels for the interior design, in different sizes, to be used as partitions, pictures, windows…

DIGIART: printed glass for shower enclosures on single panels, full height, or also on the entire enclosure itself.

DIGIDECOR: partial printing, as decorative element, on one or more glass panels of the shower enclosure.



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