Developing the Perfect Balance between Legacy and Innovation
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Developing the Perfect Balance between Legacy and Innovation

Developing the Perfect Balance between Legacy and Innovation
By Editorial Staff -
Quadrifoglio Group has participated in the project

As when you read a book, each new chapter brings the changes of the latest developments in the story, but at the same time it cannot be disconnected from everything that has happened in earlier pages. This is a wonderful metaphor for Quadrifoglio Group, which has recently embarked on a new stage in its business, combining innovation and technology with a deep-seated respect for its heritage and a past that reaches back to 1991. In 2022, this Veneto-based company specializing in furniture, furniture systems and lighting manufacturing unveiled its rebranding, a process anchored in a new corporate organization, a different position in the market and the entry into additional product segments. This overhaul has been driven by a clear goal: place the well-being of people at the heart of everything, ensuring high-quality materials and the flexibility needed to offer an increasingly complete, but also versatile range, while always respecting the environment. This overarching ambition has guided the search for solutions that truly interpret the changes and needs of contemporary life and living, across all environments, from the home to work and hotels.

Poltroncina City Déco Lounge by Edi & Paolo Ciani Courtesy Quadrifoglio Group

The company's brand has also been re-conceived, with a new logo and company motto: the traditional lettering was combined with a four-leaf clover (representing the company name) and the original slogan of "Everyday with you" was changed to "Everywhere with you". These differences represent a shift in philosophy, placing increased focus on the context and space in an effort to foreground Quadrifoglio Group's transversal production, with complete lines of furniture and lighting systems for both the contract and residential environments. Further visual signs of the company's new direction are evident in the renovated website and the creation of a new showroom in Mansuè, Italy, that is entirely for living & hospitality.

Tavolo Six Courtesy Quadrifoglio Group

The company's traditional core business has always been "design office", but now this is flanked by design lighting and design living. The latter collection includes the Bloom credenza, which is a wonderful piece that can fit decisively into an entrance area, living space or bedroom. This product is iconic in essence, with ancient origins, but the customization options, with multiple finishings and materials available, add a decidedly refined contemporary touch with a very clean look because of the absence of handles.

Seduta Compasso by Dorigo Design per Quadrifoglio Group Courtesy Quadrifoglio Group

The other new additions to design living include: the Cleopas lounge armchair, designed by Trevor Hollard, in collaboration with Brado; the City Déco Lounge armchair by Edi & Paolo Ciani and the Compasso chair by Dorigo Design, both perfect for the residential and hospitality sectors; the Montreal line of side tables and the matching Miami and Melbourne series of side tables, poufs and storage units; finally, the Six table. The latter is a patented creation with a slim, slender structure and now available in trendy new gold, bronze and corten shades. The rectangular top can be made of porcelain stoneware (offered in seven different textures with glossy or matt finishings) or sheet metal, creating a dialogue between form and material that fits superbly into modern, minimalist rooms with a powerful identity.

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