Designing the contemporary spa
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Designing the contemporary spa

Designing the contemporary spa
By Editorial Staff -
Effegibi has participated in the project

For more than 30 years, Effegibi has designed and manufactured wellness systems involving water and heat following the ancient traditions of the Finnish sauna and the Middle Eastern steam bath. The company has developed state-of-the-art systems, combining the relaxing, tonifying and purifying properties of heat and water with chromotherapy, aromatherapy and soft music to create the complete sensory experience. Quality-certified avant-garde technology, materials and finishes, broad product customization, and contemporary design embracing these ancient techniques are the hallmarks of Effegibi, manufacturers of professional saunas, hammams and small swimming pools. Alongside its increasingly efficient products, over the years Effegibi has developed all-round capability in the design, manufacture and installation of the "contemporary spa". The company guarantees technical consultancy for all plant and equipment, providing designers with hands-on assistance thanks to its vast experience and in-depth knowledge of the rituals linked to wellness. As a result, architects can count on practical assistance throughout, from concept to executive drawing, installation and sign-off, both for renovation and new build projects. This technical excellency has led Effegibi to partner numerous clients in the development of en suite wellness and spa environments in hotels and resorts both in Italy and abroad. One of these is a spa in the forests of the Carnic Alps, a location famous from antiquity for its curative waters containing sulfates, magnesium and sulfur that come to the surface at 90°C. Designed to capture the beneficial properties of the local water but at the same time preserve and enhance a site of great natural beauty, the project employed natural materials traditionally used in spa settings. Effegibi designed, built and equipped the whole steam and heat areas with two saunas, a steam bath and a hydrotherapy tub.



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