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Design, technology and durability

Vertigo® and Zip

Design, technology and durability
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Esthetics, minimalism, durability and technology are the uniting characteristics of the two new additions to the catalog of Medit, the company specializing in custom design and production of systems, blinds, and technical curtains. Their products are designed to dose natural light for the best possible visual comfort and greater energy efficiency in interior spaces, and the newest additions – Vertigo® and Zip – are both the synthesis of a design that is as attentive to style as it is to technology. Vertigo® is a unique fabric for outdoor roller blinds and skylights. It consists of three different materials: the aluminum lowers the thermal load of spaces by increasing solar reflection; PVC and polyester wire ensures flexibility and color variability; and stainless steel provides strength. With these aspects, Vertigo® is the first metallic screen fabric capable of minimizing maintenance work.

Design, tecnologia e resistenza © PH by Andrea Pisapia, courtesy of Medit

Its resistance to atmospheric elements and salt spray and high functionality for tall buildings means that it is the solution for many climatic contexts and high-performance requirements. Installed with the ET655 roller system, it also benefits indoor environments. The high transparency ensures a greater outward visibility compared to traditional fabrics, while the low solar transmission and the high reflection index create ideal visual comfort. A significant reduction in the heat load guarantees thermal optimization and effective energy savings on air conditioning. 

Zip is a motorized outdoor roller blind with side hinges, combining a clean and minimalist design with excellent resistance performance – it has been tested up to 135 km/h over the Class 6 wind resistance. 

Equipped with a box and ultra-thin guides, it was designed for outdoor environments and features filtering and obscuring fabrics with high resistance. Zip also has two other peculiar characteristics: it allows the correction of wall squaring defects during installation thanks to the possibility of adjusting the guides by one centimeter per side, and the obscuring fabrics guarantee a perfect shading of light that can replace traditional blinds. 

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