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Made in Italy Design for all
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Pba has participated in the project

The Italian firm pba seeks to imbue each product with passion, capturing the creativity and imagination of the design process in the shape of its products. Using its in-depth knowledge of the materials, it combines function and form to produce items where beauty is not a goal in itself, but the expression of an essential, everyday function.
The company designs and manufactures handles for doors and windows, pull handles, handrails and a series of other items that are a fundamental part of creating barrier-free environments.
International architects and designers often turn to pba when they need specific solutions for their projects, safe in the knowledge that the collaboration will be fruitful and the firm’s Made in Italy products will embody quality, care and innovation. It is such an approach that lies behind the creation of pba’s custom-made handles that are originally designed to fit in a specific setting, but then turned into series that can be used in other buildings and locations.
For example, the Elica stainless steel handle was designed by Jérôme Brunet of Brunet Saunier Architecture for the Victor-Dupouy hospital in the Parisian suburb of Argenteuil. The slightly twisted shape was created to aid people who have reduced hand mobility or use a wheelchair, but it is also a minimalist, elegant design feature that adds to the setting. Plus was designed by ecdm - Emmanuel Combarel Dominique Marrec for the EDF campus in Saclay. It provides a sense of a strong, secure grip, while the shape evokes everyday objects.
The 2MM.171 handle is made of AISI 316L stainless steel and was designed by Dimitri Sautier for Franklin Azzi Architecture. It has been adopted as part of a project to regenerate an old Mame printing works in Tours, a plant original designed by Jean Prouvé.
All of pba’s manufacturing is done at its plants in the Vicenza province, making it possible to constantly monitor the quality of the raw materials, the manufacturing technologies and the output of the skilled workers. Combining these fundamental elements with the contributions of leading designers produces a mix of skills able to create items designed not only for a specific location, but also to be functional and well-suited to everyday use.

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