Dekton - Ultrasize collection for architecture and design
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Dekton - Ultrasize collection for architecture and design

Dekton - Ultrasize collection for architecture and design
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Cosentino has participated in the project

Cosentino is a Spanish multinational that uses advanced technologies to manufacture and sell a wide range of surfaces to be used in contemporary architecture and design, in the workplace or at home. Dekton is the ultracompact collection in this range, made using a complex process to induce the accelerated metamorphosis natural stone goes through over thousands of years under high pressure and heat in nature. Using Cosentino’s in-house Technology of Sintered Particles (TSP), Dekton comes in ultrasize slabs (320x144 cm) with notable mechanical properties, such as high resistance to heat and thermal shock, minimal porosity, stain, scratch and damage resistant, dimensional and colour stability, compression and UV resistant. The result is these surfaces can be used indoors or outside to clad furnishings, bathrooms, kitchens or external façades and as flooring. Since customisation is possible, each item can become unique, producing one-off decorations or offering multiple design options. Dekton comes in 12 colours divided into three collections: Solid Collection (solid colours); Natural Collection (drawing on natural rocky surfaces); and Tech Collection (industrial aesthetics).

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