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Deck by Tavar
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Tavar has participated in the project

That said, it can also be used to create very attractive and highly functionalinterior design solutions, especially in spaces that are in close contact with water: bathrooms, fitness centres, swimming pools, spas, saunas and gymnasiums.
The large, thick boards (a full 20-21 mm) are able to support heavy loads and high levels of stress. The boards are mounted onto floating supports, which are arranged along the centre line over subfloors of any type, on condition that the subfloor is compact and level.
The long sides have rounded edges, to ensure that they are safe and comfortable to walk on even in bare feet. You may decide to lay the floor in such a way that the screws are visible, or you can use the special "concealed" stainless-steel fixing plates, which are housed in the dedicated milled section on the long sides of the board. You also have additional options such as a smooth surface or a non-skid surface.

Heat-treated Ash 215°
Teak Siam
Pau Oro

Thickness: 20/21 mm
Width: 90/100 mm – 120/140 mm
Length: da 800 a 2000 mm

Thickness: 20/22 mm
Width: 90 mm
Length: da 600 a 2000 mm

Classification: Single selection, Extra, Table UNI EN
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