Déchirer Sottile by Mutina Ceramiche
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Déchirer Sottile by Mutina Ceramiche

Déchirer Sottile by Mutina Ceramiche
By Redazione The Plan -
Its particular technical characteristics make it a high-performance product suitable both for residential areas and public places (shops, shopping centers, offices, hotels, gyms, spas, schools, airports, cinemas). Déchirer Sottile does not require any resin fiber reinforcement on the back, because the production procedure that entails pressing makes it better able to withstand pressure, eliminating the problems connected to tensioning the material and making sure the tiles stay in place and are impermeable. This pressing process also makes it possible to create relief decorations of different thicknesses that give texture to the surface. Numerous advantages at the planning and site installation phases: covers existing floors without requiring demolition; places less weight on floors and bearing structures; easy to cut, pierce and handle; does not require any particular laying techniques; like the 12mm version, easy to clean and requires  no particular maintenance.


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