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Decanter by Targetti

Decanter by Targetti
By Editorial Staff -
that, even when turned off, makes it a decorative element that adapts perfectly to any type of architectural context.
When turned on, Decanter’s extraordinary texture of small circles of light creates a truly captivating setting. They seem to materialise on the special microprism screen built into the system, emphasising the curves of the shiny disc whose gentle lines outline the fixture. The screen also ensures perfect diffusion of the light with an extremely homogenous and comfortable visual comfort.
In addition to a major reconsideration of the aesthetic significance of the lighting-object, Decanter’s tapered forms are the result of careful technological research focused on the use of innovative materials (Baydur) and new production technologies that allow obtaining ultra-fine thicknesses, a very low weight, excellent mechanical resistance and perfect planarity of the surfaces.
Every detail (such as the connection between the stem and the disc containing the sources) was designed to merge into a single element. Even the decentred rosette, which organically reinterprets the shape of the suspension, was designed to become an integral part of the ceiling to which the fixture is installed.
Decanter is available in three sizes which can be combined to create fascinating design concepts: the largest version is ideal for lighting dining tables or desks; the medium one is particularly suitable for decorative lighting in lounge rooms and homes; while the small one is perfect for accent lighting in bars and reception areas.
As for the colours, Decanter comes in black and white, both with a shiny finish.
The advantages of the fixture are completed by its good performances and energy saving. The use of last generation LED sources allows Decanter to achieve high efficiency with considerable reduction in energy consumption (only 11W for the large version compared to 75W for a traditional incandescent light). Finally, practically no maintenance is required and no heat is dispersed by the source.
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