Darling New - Designer looks and flexibility at an affordable price
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Darling New - Designer looks and flexibility at an affordable price

Darling New - Designer looks and flexibility at an affordable price
By Editorial Staff -
Duravit has participated in the project

Darling New, designed by Sieger Design, completes the Darling range. Created by Duravit in collaboration with designer Dieter Sieger and first released in 1994, the range was immediately popular thanks to its combination of quality design and affordable prices. While remaining faithful to the original Darling, with the ‘circle within a circle’ design of the hand basin, Darling New features new models and materials, providing maximum flexibility for customizing the bathroom according to tastes and available space. There are four hand basin versions: a small model, a classic design with a pedestal or half pedestal, a vanity model for mounting in a vanity unit or console, and the furniture washbasin with sleek ceramic surrounds and a large surface space.
There are also toilet pans and bidets, available in both wall-hung and floor versions, with closed sides and invisible mounts. The 620 mm wall-mounted pan can also be fitted with an electronic SensoWash seat. Darling New also includes 25 different ceramic fittings, plus 12 different baths with a polystyrene frame, timber or acrylic panelling, and an optional headrest. The ceramicware, furniture and tubs all feature an elegant rim, which on the tub can be fitted with white LED lighting. Another feature of the tubs is their thick rim, which, at 11.5 cm, provides a comfortable seat and support for getting in and out. There are also 52 different bathroom furniture products in the range, including vanity units, cabinets, mobile storage units, mirrors and mirrored cabinets. Bodies and countertops are in matte shades of White or Terra, while four more colours are available for the doors and drawers: Spring, Azur, Pine Silver and Pine Terra. Countertops, console panels and shelves are all coated in textured varnish, making them highly scratch resistant. To simplify the job of choosing from the many options available, Duravit has developed its ‘Style Finder’ system, available online at www.mynewdarling.com.


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