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Darling New by Duravit

Darling New by Duravit
By Editorial Staff -
From the washbasin through the shower-toilet seat to the whirl tub, the new programme upholds the essential idea of "plenty of design for little money".

Exquisite rim and circular form as defining features
The new visual leitmotif of "Darling New" is the exquisite rim, which features on the ceramic items, furniture and bathtubs alike. The harmonious circular form which was a distinguishing characteristic of the first Darling range has also been retained. The washbasin thus remains a circle within a circle. In all, 25 different ceramic models are available. The choice ranges from a small handwashbasin to a wall-mounted WC and wall-mounted bidet which are designed as units in a closed design without any attachment niches at the sides. The wall-mounted WC with a projection of 62 cm offers a special standard of comfort. It can even be fitted with the "SensoWash" shower-toilet seat, thereby combining the design standard of Darling New with a new standard of hygiene and comfort. The user leaves the "smallest room" feeling fully satisfied, fresh and clean. Back to the washing area: The furniture washbasins featuring an extremely flat ceramic rim are also true eye-catchers. Corresponding shadow gaps on the base cabinets highlight the exquisite design.

Hard-wearing furniture in fresh, young colours
At the same time, the furniture is also particularly hard-wearing: Surfaces which come in for a lot of use, such as counter tops, console panels and wall boards, are coated in textured varnish, making them particularly scratch-resistant. The programme also includes tall cabinets, mobile storage units, mirrors and mirror cabinets in the most diverse variants. Comprising a total of 52 furniture items, Darling New is the most extensive furniture programme available from Duravit. But what would Darling be without fresh, young colours: while body and counter tops are finished in discreet matt white or "terra", the fronts present a colourful face to the world: Fresh, spring-like green or azure blue? It's a difficult choice to make. Those who go for a more sedate finish will find what they are looking for in the vivid texture of "pine silver" or "pine terra". For those who prefer their furniture in a single colour, the front is also available in white or terra to match the body.

Bathtubs with a comfortable rim and LED shimmer
It's the bathtub that makes a bathroom complete, of course. A whole range of models is on offer here, too: A total of 12 bath models plus furniture panelling, acrylic panelling, bathtub support frames and neck cushions. The baths adopt the stylistic element from the ceramic units in a special guise: LED lighting under the exquisite rim optionally emits a gentle, white shimmer. The delicate character exuded by the sides belies the comfort offered by the top of the rim. The rim widens to 11.5 cm here, providing a comfortable seat surface or a practical support - a key benefit not only for the older generation.
For those who find themselves somewhat spoilt for choice, Duravit has developed a "style finder" which provides design aficionados and bathroom individualists with a fun way of seeking out their own personal solutions at www.mynewdarling.de. A couple of clicks here will take you to a configurator or a dealer directory.

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