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Customized wellness areas

Customized wellness areas
By Editorial Staff -
Effe has participated in the project

The latest trend in the wellness industry is for increasingly customized technical solutions in which the designers are intricately involved in the creation process. Effegibi has responded to this market direction by launching a new chapter in its history, with the Effe brand. The company has three decades of experience, having enjoyed constant growth and now, with Effe, it is focusing on developing global, personalized “perfect wellness” systems. By working closely with designers and offering an assistance service right up to the building site phase, Effe is able to develop products that perform better while consuming and wasting less, with optimized on and off cycles. Effe’s increased range of Turkish baths and saunas is central to the company meeting changing market needs in the luxury hospitality and home industries. For example, for the prestigious London hotel The Curtain, designed by Dexter Moren Associates, Effe’s contract division’s consultancy service played a pivotal role in coordinating the installation of 120 private Turkish baths in the rooms, with Nuvola Touch steam generators. Despite tight spaces, custom production ensured every room has a highly reliable Turkish bath that meets professional standards for power and functions.

For the casaFantini boutique hotel in Pella, designed by Piero Lissoni, a simple approach was adopted to add a private Touch&Steam hammam to each of the 11 rooms, with color and aromatherapy to help guests truly relax in an intimate space. In the hospitality industry, the demand is increasingly for private, intimate wellness options in addition to the shared spa areas - and turning a shower into a Turkish bath is an excellent solution. Effe works closely with top international brands and it invests in cutting-edge design and technologies to develop high performance, global solutions.

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