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Customized Modular Systems
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De rosso has participated in the project

The De Rosso furniture factory was the brainchild of Roberto De Rosso back in the 1980s. He loved the creativity of the Alchimia and Memphis movements, so he took their essence and reworked it into a furniture style that was truly visionary - a style that would also reach people on an emotional level.

Nowadays, the company combines its constant striving for ideal shapes and forms with a love for decorations, patterns, colors and surfaces - a pathway that has led
De Rosso to specialize in high-pressure laminate (HPL). All of the company’s furniture is custom-made for the environments in which it will be placed, with importance always on getting the right balance for the spatial and functional needs of the room.

The centrality of personalization for all De Rosso solutions is evident in the use of DigitalPrint, a system that allows any desired pattern or optical effect to be recreated, but without changing the fundamental characteristics of the HPL. Ultimately, every single piece of furniture produced by the company is a De Rosso exclusive, made with tailored precision and artisan attention to detail.

De Rosso has some highly original integrated interior design furnishing options that suit almost any room in a house, or space in an office, a shop, a mall or, more generally, a public space. To sum up the company, it really is about unconstrained design.



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