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Custom design and furnishings

Custom design and furnishings
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Back in 1980, Essequattro began operating as a small woodworking facility producing custom furniture near Vicenza. The company rapidly built up a national and international business based on attention to detail and to the client’s needs, backed by a technical office that was truly able to find solutions to design requirements.
Essequattro now has two plants in Italy, one in Shanghai and a sales office in New York along with a centrally coordinated global network, making it a real benchmark in its field.
Its core business is now as a General Contractor offering turnkey solutions in the retail, hotel and luxury housing sectors, operating on various levels, from producing and supplying doors, windows and curtain walls in aluminium, metal and glass, to creating custom-made metal and wood furnishings.
The company has successfully taken on numerous projects across the world for leading fashion brands and hotels, excelling because of its ability to manage the entire project and ensure the best quality materials and excellent technological performance, while sticking to the deadlines and the budget, even for complex projects.
On the general contractor side, the company works with the client through each project stage, from the initial design right up to building and certification, ensuring the client has just one contact point and guaranteeing the success of the project.
Essequattro has always placed great store in innovation in manufacturing processes and, in recent years, it has invested substantially in reducing its environmental footprint.
The result has been a significant reduction in waste and the increased use of eco-sustainable materials and renewable energy sources. It is just this approach that is behind the company achieving FSC®
(FSC-C100221) and PEFC (Programme for Endorsement of Forest Certification) certification for its wooden furniture and Carbon Trust Standard and other certification for its processes such as OHSAS 18001: 2007, UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 E SOA.

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