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Culture of Wellness

Culture of Wellness
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Salus per aquam. Health through water. This Latin expression is clear evidence that water has long been seen as a key stage in the “evolutionary journey” of wellness – a journey that also requires warmth and rest, before and after. Over 45 years ago, Starpool was founded in the Fiemme Valley (in the north-east of Italy) with the precise goal of disseminating a more profound wellness culture, leading it to specialize in innovative solutions for mental and physical well-being. Although ceaseless research and innovation has long characterized the company, it has always placed the individual – and its health – at the center of what it does, leading to wellness solutions for the business world – in practice, hotels, day spas and sports – healthcare industry and companies. Yet, wellness cannot be detached from day-to-day life: it must become a daily achievement and part of good habits. This had meant the private wellness side of the business has grown in importance, with comprehensive well-being options for private homes. The “qualities” of professional spas have thus been reinterpreted to find solutions that can fit into the home, blending in seamlessly with the décor thanks to their exclusive, unmistakable design. Of course, such products come with specific usage protocols that meet the health and wellness goals of each individual.

 © Germano Borrelli, Courtesy Starpool

Such qualities are tightly linked to the scientific research that Starpool believes in deeply to get the best from all its products and thus help boost global health through improved stress management, sleep, performance and longevity. At the company, the Scientific Research Department monitors the proper use of the Starpool Method, which is constantly developing, as can be seen through the design and creation of spaces for wellness, recovery and self-care. Part of the method involves the definition and promotion of protocols for using the products that are functional to achieving individual health and wellness goals. Such protocols are also carefully targeted to precisely fit the different sectors in which they are used: hotel and day spa, home, corporate, professional sports and beauty. Despite the individual differences that might characterize a specific sector, they all share that ancient concept of “heat, water and rest” and the effects these have on the human body.

Over the years, Starpool has developed its catalog around these values, such that it now has six collections of products with exclusive designs and quality materials that are made with enormous care for details. In addition, there are the Signature products, which are fully customized products, from the initial study to the actual creation, that are made to meet equally unique needs using original solutions and ad hoc engineering.

The ultimate goal is to strengthen the idea of wellness through heat, water and rest. “This formula with ancient origins is the very essence of each of our projects”, explained CEO Riccardo Turri. “From here, the company has developed a more profound, holistic concept of wellness over time that embraces all aspects of people’s lives, including health, physical fitness, attitude to being well and mental serenity. We advocate the importance and necessity of promoting a culture of wellness based on everyone’s individual needs”.

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