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A Three-Dimensional Layout for the SnowRoom


Cubic Design
By Editorial Staff -
Technoalpin has participated in the project

Imagine the soft lines of a snow-covered landscape and that deep sense of calm that envelopes us as we look out at such a delightful scene. This is the inspiration for Cubic Design, the new 3D option that  Snøhetta developed for TechnoAlpin’s SnowRoom, creating an indoor snow experience that could transform a luxury spa, a fitness club or a flagship store.

Using a series of snow-clad cubes to produce a wall, Snøhetta’s design reproduces a dynamic mountain landscape with a wavy, constantly changing look.
The range of available colors combined with the ability to modify the 3D structure makes it possible to precisely meet any customer’s desire, taste and size requirements for the SnowRoom.

Cubic Design is just one of the amazing options from TechnoAlpin, with all options sharing the common thread of versatility. Forest Design for example creates a haven of peace by reproducing a glade surrounded by snow-laced trees, while Rock Design is much more about a private, comfortable space inside a rock cave.

Every TechnoAlpin solution meets the most demanding hygiene standards, especially because the surfaces are remarkably easy to clean. Plus, despite the initial appearance, only the amount of snow for an individual massage is actually produced each time, ensuring the whole room is completely refreshed by the time the next guest steps in.

Of course, in the current age of a global pandemic, hygiene has become the number one priority. In response, TechnoAlpin commissioned an independent institute to analyze the air inside the SnowRoom, with the results confirming the humidity level and below-zero temperatures create conditions in which viruses and bacteria struggle to survive, leaving an environment with no increased health risks for users.


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