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Cubesauna by Duclos
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CUBESAUNA is a structure made entirely out of wood and designed to be erected out of doors. It is highly versatile and manufactured exclusively in the Val d'Aosta.

To be proof against the high temperature difference between the inside and the outside, it is made with different types of wood, all natural and untreated.
The outside is made of larch, the thermal insulating layer is made of natural wood fibre, and the inner surface is made of natural cedar wood and fir. Inside, all the components are natural and untreated, so as to ensure a sense of total well-being.
The decision to combine different sorts of wood was made so as to emphasise the smell of fresh wood. The walls are made of natural fir, sourced locally or from nearby Switzerland. For the floor it was decided to use cedar, as this is elastic enough to give a pleasurably soft sensation when you walk on it barefoot. The seats are made of Swiss pine, which is known for its intense heady scent and for its resistant qualities.
The sauna is lavishly equipped: the steam is generated by a wood-burning stove, above which are placed lava stones.
Once these are red hot they are dowsed with water to produce steamy heat. The sauna can be made electrically self-sufficient, by installing the optional extra feature of small photoelectric roof panels. These supply electricity for the low consumption LED lighting, the colour therapy system and the music system installed inside the building.
The sauna does not require a mains water supply in order to work: it is sufficient to have a limited amount of stored water which can produce a high quantity of steam.
The distinguishing feature of CUBESAUNA is its versatility, one example being the model with non-parallel surfaces.
An outward sloping wall is much more comfortable than a vertical one for anyone sitting inside, and can solve installation problems in keeping with the location.

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