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CromoMaterioteca by Oikos Group
By Editorial Staff -
Oikos colore e materia per l'architettura has participated in the project

CromoMaterioteca® is a combination of the knowledge and experience of Oikos in the world of colour and matter. The point in which Oikos colour and textures come together, in which they can be experienced in every sense and their full, aesthetic potential can be appreciated. CromoMaterioteca® a fluid environment, unfettered and open, where the physical world and its virtual counterpart join forces, breathing life into a new range of images that illustrate the infinite possibilities afforded by matter and colour, becoming a multi-sensorial experience. A point where the only limit that exists is the imagination.
A point of tangible creativity, where well-known combinations meet those still to be discovered. Using web technology and virtual reality, visitors can enter the Oikos universe to explore new solutions; they can “travel” from the retailer to the company to get a taste of the values and unique elements on offer without ever leaving the point of sale.
CromoMaterioteca®, synthesis of the knowledge and skill of Oikos, becomes an on the spot meeting point. Designed to share the philosophy of wellness for interior spaces and facades, with those involved in the process of selecting finishes and products - such as designers, architects, professional users, private individuals and companies – presenting and proposing our Chromomaterial ecosolutions. Aesthetics, quality, wellness and sustainable innovation are the key words of Oikos, which will present its eco-friendly solutions at the Cersaie exhibition, offering an experience with a strong emotional impact, focusing on the joy of socialising and of tasting innovation.
For more than 30 years, Oikos has been performing research geared to ensure the continuous discovery of new possibilities for the world of architecture, focusing on the re-use and low environmental impact, of each individual material, from production through to application. With one objective: the wellbeing of the person and the place in which he or she lives.

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