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For Five Handles

Creativity and Precision
By Editorial Staff -
Dnd has participated in the project

Handles are small, essential elements of every door that, in truth, can almost completely change the design perception of a door. They have to be durable, but also add quality and have an ergonomic design unless they want to stand out, for the wrong reasons, from the rest of the architectural project.

Since doors mark the transition from one environment to the next, door handles become key identifiers in marking the stylistic changes - or similarities - between zones.

Dnd’s approach to succeed on this front is to merge creativity and engineering by involving designers in the process and ensuring each product can be industrialized without losing any of the original craft wisdom needed for its creation. In specific terms, when Dnd decided it was time to extend its range for contemporary interiors, it turned to five designers - Odoardo Fioravanti, Jaime Hayon, Giulio Iacchetti, Marco Pisati and Inga Sempé - who produced solutions imbued with design excellence and quality.

The Boole handle - by Odoardo Fioravanti - is based on the slightly offset joining of two cylinders that meet and share a small section of material. Such an essential, geometric approach is also tangible in Marco Pisati’s Timeless handle, which combines two timeless graphic symbols - the line and the circle.

Ginkgo and Ginkgo Biloba by Giulio Iacchetti both drew inspiration from the natural world, offering two versions of the characteristic Ginkgo leaf. The design of Ginkgo is far more essential than that of Ginkgo Biloba, where the decoration is an explicit reminder of this leaf’s intricate veins. Zeppelin by Jaime Hayon and Madeleine by Inga Sempé take a step back from pure, essential shapes to produce two handles with pronounced, rounded volumes, the former a tribute to those early 20th-Century airships and the latter, to the famed French biscuits. Each of the five versions comes in a range of finishings.


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