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Craken by Stone Italiana
By Redazione The Plan -
Stone Italiana has participated in the project

Stone Italiana will be presenting the new CRAKEN collection.This unique collection is inspired by tradition, in contemporary style, for contract and refined interiors projects’ coating.
Our commitment to R&D in terms of technical and process innovation, trend scouting and cool hunting, together with our ceaseless desire to experiment, has made it possible once again to present a new expression of this material. Our studies and research have lead to the creation of the new CRAKEN collections made up of recomposed fragments of slabs. These are sophisticated surfaces made entirely from recomposed quartz, which together compose a quality piece of design.
Stone Italiana has reinvented the concept of “craquelure" and Palladian paving with a contemporary style and design for buyers looking for paving with an extra touch of class.
Mixing long-standing techniques with technological research into quartz production, Stone Italiana has reinterpreted a traditional taste in a modern key: up-to-date and perfectly suitable for all uses, from one off interiors to contracts for big projects. This paving has the flavour of a handcrafted, personalized product, as every slab is lovingly created by expert hands. 

CRAKEN CRAQUELE': the new craquelure in quartz: the slabs are distinguished by their uniformity of colour, as they are made from monochrome slabs, which have been broken up and recomposed.

CRAKEN PALLADIANA: customized mixtures of different colours mark the new Palladian paving in quartz.

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