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Coverpiù is a monolithic microventilated multilayer panel, a roofing unit in galvanized steel protected by Coverib 1000 multilayer, which is a layer of moulded insulation in expanded polystyrene close-cell sintered with graphite, plus an under-lining in the form of a micronerve sheet of steel, aluminium or fibreglass.
On their outer face Coverib 1000 multilayer panels are protected by a bitumen-based coating which has properties of noise abatement and resistance to corrosion; on the under-side they have an aluminium sheet and a bituminous primer. Between the roofing unit proper and the layer of insulation run ventilation channels. The circulating air prevents undue heating so that the insulation and top panel maintain a more stable temperature and thus perform better. It also reduces the thermal load on the insulating extrados, which redounds to indoor comfort.
Only the bearing part juts out at the eave overhang; this leaves the ‘packet’ free from constant moisture which would otherwise impair the quality of the insulation and corrode the metal under-layer.
The thickness of the Coverpiù insulation varies from 40 to 160 mm; the top layer may be 0.4 or 0.5 mm thick, while the under-layer is 0.4 mm.


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