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Concrete Project by ImolaCeramica

Concrete Project by ImolaCeramica
By Editorial Staff -
Highly versatile, Concrete Project offers four formats, including the innovative extra-size 120x120 cm, and four finishes that make it suitable for modular work and a complete solution for infinite aesthetic and practical uses. It can be used outdoors, for ventilated facades, walkways, heavy and light commercial premises and residential buildings. In the most refined colours, ranging from the darkest to the more classic light shades, Concrete Project can create environments that aspire to the most up-to-date minimalism. Cement thus becomes a new trend, lending luminosity and colour to space.

Full body porcelainized
Formats: 120x120, 60x120, 60x60, 30x60 cm
Colours: beige, white, grey, dark-grey, black, red, almond, musk
Finishes: natural, honed, grained, bush-hammered
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