Concrete - The luminous thrill of Concrete
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Concrete - The luminous thrill of Concrete

Concrete - The luminous thrill of Concrete
By Editorial Staff -

The Concrete by Simes is a new range of outoor lighting fixtures that are characterised by their material finish in “concrete”.

Concrete is a living material that ages, transforms and evolves absorbing the surrounding colours, blending integrating and interacting with the architecture in terms of form and function. 

Its surface appears crude and natural showing all the texture marks of the wooden cast and the steel spatula. 

The contrast between the untouchable lighting effects and the pure strength of the aluminium core and solid concrete structures, designed in simple forms, create a strong emotional impact. Available in four different options the range can easily blend into any architectural context. 

The surface mounted up-light is characterized by its superior lighting perfomance and with a unique conical form that protrudes from the ground. 

The applique version with its pure minimalistic design features a superior visual comfort. The light source housed inside the soul of the fixture is diffused downwards or up and down creating an attractive effect on the surface. 


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