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Concept.S by Caesar

Concept.S by Caesar
By Editorial Staff -
, an absolute mainstay for outdoor and indoor applications. An up to date technical production with a refined taste of artisan craftsmanship that expresses its soul into five stones: Nordic Stone, Brera, Argent stone, Jura and Belgian grey. The two available surface finishes, in & out, give tremendous flexibility to the collection, emphasizing its application solutions.
Refined and elegant, Concept.S is synonymous with sought-after details and characterises every space with a touch of unique flair also thanks to the new 75x75cm format. The four available sizes meet any aesthetic and decorative need in any application context, both in residential and commercial venues.
The exclusive texture of the Out surface, available in 30x60, guarantees a continuous effect indoors and outdoors: the quality and original features of stone translate into passion for outdoor design.
Concept.S recalls the atmosphere and uniqueness of Nordic stones, reinterpreting them in everyday living venues. Colours, surfaces and natural inspiration merge to create versatile surface finishes, project-planning solutions for contemporary architecture.
Innovation, authenticity, lifestyle culture; Concept.S combines the technical excellence of Made in Italy porcelain stoneware with the creativity and tradition of Caesar design.
Surfaces that recall precious craftsmanship manufacturing practices play with light creating visual effects of rare beauty.

Thickness: 10 mm, 10,5mm
Sizes: 4 (60x120cm, 60x60cm, 30x60cm, 75x75cm)
Colours: 5
Decors: Wall mix 30x60cm, Dimension mix 30x60cm, Expansion mix 30x60cm
Trim Tiles: Steps and bullnose
Destination of Use: residential and commercial application; outdoor and indoor applications.
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