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Concealed sliding door

Concealed sliding door
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Essenza has participated in the project

The Essenza range has windows, doors and glazed doors characterised by transparency, simplicity and design. They have been designed to integrate into different architectural settings, to optimise space use and to maximise the amount of natural light through the adoption of thin frames. In 2014, Essenza won the ADI Golden Compass award and its product range now includes casement, lift and slide, fixed corner and fixed systems. 

The concealed lift and slide doors include an option, only for exteriors, with a completely in-built frame that allows the door to be fully concealed in the wall. 

Such an option increases interior-exterior continuity in a house, with the consequent integration between the rooms inside and the space outside. 

The door panels are the same as in the classic Essenza lift and slide option, which has an oxidised aluminium profile with a thermal break glued between two panels. This is then hidden using a double strip of screen-printing on the inner sides of the glass. 

The focus on aesthetics and design does not compromise energy performance, comfort, resistance to the elements (Class C5 wind load resistance, Class 4 air permeability and E900 water tightness), heat insulation (Ug= 0,8 W/sq mK) or sound proofing (up to 40 dB). There are double and triple glazing options, in both the standard and specifically soundproofed versions. 


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