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Mapei - Committing to Sustainability

Mapei - Committing to Sustainability
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Environmental awareness underpins Mapei’s corporate philosophy. For over 30 years the Company’s R&D effort has been geared to easing the environmental footprint of its products. First came the introduction of low-solvent water-based products and subsequently the development of its low-VOC ECO product range.
The use of innovative BioBlock® and Dust Free technologies to formulate many Mapei products has helped improve overall environmental quality by both reducing moulds and mildews but also curbing the amount of dusts released into the atmosphere. Nor is Mapei’s environment-friendly policy confined to its final products. It encompasses the whole production cycle by reducing waste, using recycled materials, rationalizing energy consumption during the manufacturing process, and adopting logistics strategies geared to cutting pollution caused by road-transport product delivery.
Similarly, Mapei is deeply committed to disseminating the LEED certification system and so promote energy-efficient building. To offer products that will contribute to LEED-compliant building projects, the Company directs 70% of its R&D allocation to developing eco-sustainable products. This has given rise to the Green Innovation brand, an eco-sustainable range with a distinctive ‘green tree’ logo.


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