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Fortuny fabrics are cotton cloth decorated with antiquated colours, golds, silvers. Arabesque designs which call to mind the great 18th century Venetian traditions, the Florentine Renaissance and Oriental craftsmanship. They are soft, full-bodied fabrics: the hand can feel the relief of the print and the eye relishes the movement of the patterns which stand out against the iridescent tones.
From the very beginning to its conclusion, the crafting of the cloth – long-staple Egyptian cotton – consists of dozens of different steps lasting overall three or four months, from the weaving phase through to the finishing process. A tradition which has remained unchanged since the 1920s and which is symbolized by extreme precision and an eye for detail.
The new collection includes two original designs of Mariano Fortuny found in the archives of the factory, Clouds, Pinwheels and a new one, Sainte-Chapelle, which returns to the style some of the most essential and linear patterns designed by Fortuny.
New designs with moving lines are associated with new and bright colours, designed to accentuate the contrasts and emphasize an elegant colour balance: green turns to blue, gold to pink and black to silver. Fortuny remains faithful to its tradition of producing printed fabrics, using only natural dyes and mineral dust.
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