Colour and matter harmony for prestigious restoration
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Colour and matter harmony for prestigious restoration

Colour and matter harmony for prestigious restoration
By Editorial Staff -
Oikos colore e materia per l'architettura has participated in the project

Excelsior Hotel Gallia rises on Piazza Duca d’Aosta, between the Pirelli skyscraper and central station, offering a perfect synthesis of Milan’s history and present. This historic building has been completely restored and extended to cover the entire block. The architectural and interior design were both done by Studio Marco Piva.
The original Art Déco style, a symbol of Milanese history and tradition, has been complemented with the addition of a new build that, with a light glass and steel façade, connects to the nearby Porta Nuova district while also suggesting the dynamism and openness to change that characterise Milan and life in the city. Both sections of the hotel are characterised by luxurious, elegant space where monumentality and lightness, past and present exist side by side. The furniture is refined, with design elements, and numerous artworks adorn the walls and halls.
In all the areas - communal spaces, rooms, suites, restaurants, bar, spa and conference centre - the focus was on attention to detail, seeking a balance between architecture, light, colour, materials and furnishings.
In this context, Oikos’s colour effects brought added value for all these spaces. The walls and ceilings are not simply backdrops, but interact with the room, furnishings, fabrics and natural and artificial light. Colour was part of the design, integrated with the architecture, underlying the shapes that move between winding and regular, and exalting the interior design.
In such a complex, prestigious project, Oikos’s contribution shows the value of the path the company has taken by focusing on, through creativity and knowledge, research into matters and colours, supporting the fundamental role played by colour in architecture.


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